[the perfect spark]

A song for each stretch of your training, a song for each day, a song for each mood, a song to get you through that painful moment, a song to kick started a race, a song to… you name it.

music to fuel your mind. A driven mind to spark your body into action.

In “the perfect spark” playlist you will find songs that for one reason or another work for me (or make me work…) As I see it a “pump-up song” needn’t be an upbeat piece to trigger your rawest instincts and rev you up. It may well be quite the opposite: something mellow, with an emotional connection that will take you miles away from everything but those lyrics, that music, those memories?, the anger?, the joy?, the disappointment? We are emotional animals, and music simply sets off who we are within.

So, will you share some of your songs with me? You know what to do, scroll down and type them into the comments box!


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