[stuff I am proud of]

21 Half Marathons
6 Marathons
2 Ultra Marathons
2 Obstacle Races
1 Triathlon Sprint+
>35 other running competitions finisher
6 cyclosportive events
8 St. James’s Trail + 4 coastal extensions
Teide 0-4-0 Trail Challenge

races completed in 8 countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Romania and Poland)

…and the support and healthy banter of my parents and friends

running PBs

5k: 18:42
10k: 39:27
10-miler: 1:09:38
Half Marathon: 1:26:23
Marathon: 3:11:01
100k: 19:14:18


  1. Hi there, i got a question for you, from a runner to a runner.

    Do i need to wear fluorescent clothes in order to consider myself a runner?

    Thanks in advance and good luck with the blog!!!


    • Hiya! Well, as long as high-vis clothing keeps you safe at night, I would say yes, you need to. For any other fashionable reason, nope!

      Mind you, I believe there’s only one thing you need so as to be considered a runner: that is… running :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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