[who & why]

carlos-calvo-vini-krlo_oxIt’s only fair to illustrate this page with an image from where it all started: Camino de Santiago (aka St. James’s Way)

Or in other words, where I found what lies behind a sporty mindset, the endurance inner battle, and the joy in seeing outdoor activities through a purposeful lens.

that is what this blog is about: meaningful experiences.


As I see it, beyond the sense of accomplishment in completing any sort of physical challenge there is a huge emotional component that relates to everything else surrounding it. That is where I want to get at, because that is what nourishes me, what creates those experiences I am talking about.

My name is Carlos / Calvo / Vini / kro_Ox and I count myself lucky of having found a source of experiences that, quite simply, have rewired my brain and diverted my path onto one I do not intend to leave.


“only if you.”

Let me ask you something. When it comes to your health—both physical and mental—what are you willing to do? “Only if you” is a basic premise of commitment to ourselves: what we want, and what it will take.

It kind of makes sense to collect all these thoughts in one place, for others to read, or even for myself to go back to. This site will prove a challenge in itself since I’m not writing it in my mother tongue—Spanish—because I thought I’d use this project and medium as a way to get out my comfort zone, you know… where magic happens.




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