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It can go two ways: either you have a scare and stir away from the cause; or you have a scare and come back for more. Well, it’s not that easy but it’s pretty cool to sound like a wannabe superhero.

In the picture, the place where I had an accident while training last December. If you’re a follower of this blog you’d know about it. If you’re new: hi! I crashed and it took me some thinking to understand why.

I hadn’t been back to that spot yet, and it’s kind of funny how a bad experience can help put things into perspective. I mean, I’ve never been a dab hand at cycling technique; but because I ride to work every day and spend long hours on the bike altogether, I had let myself be kind of out-of-tune with the perils one’s constantly exposed to—purely because is such an ordinary activity to me that I had somehow become unconsciously detached from the harsh reality.

And reality is that I needed to revise my technique, and also that I need to carry on being very (overly I’d say) cautious on the road. In doing so, it’s not guaranteed accidents won’t happen, but at least being aware of why they did in the past—and not having to figure it out in hindsight—might well be the way forward. At the very least I’ll be doing my share of the job.

So I came back, rode intently safe, did not even dream of touching the brake while on that smoothed worn-out bend, and got a good kick out of having settled a psychological score.

You may think, do all these thoughts actually cross this guy’s mind? Ha! They do indeed. I guess when you’re out there training for long hours there’s time for much brain function. And I love it!



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