shut up, brain!

[ 2′ ]

It’s so easy… so easy to find excuses! I guess that after having swum a laughable—brace yourselves—2 km in 2017 (yes, that’s right:! 2,000 meters, 1.24 miles, or in proper training measurement: diddly) it’d be high time to admit that… me, the almost-always motivated baldy guy, has done a cracking job in procrastination!

In my—lame—defence I’ll say in January I had a problem with my shoulder and after that I was running against schedule to prepare for a couple of cycling and running events. But see? I am doing it again. Finding excuses. Why couldn’t I have set aside a mere 1 hour a week? Well, I reckon you’d know the answer to that by now: because I still consider swimming a chore.

So, one really good way to find motivation—when it’s been proved difficult—would be to open your wallet and scrape out your very few pennies to spare. Let me explain this elaborate theory:

Following the sad and simple rule of “it’s already been paid for, man!” one can achieve wonders! It works for the hard-working middle class anyway, if you’re loaded I assume it wouldn’t have the same effect on you [insert smile here].

And so now, instead of paying for my rare appearances at the pool, I’m a proud Ipswich public pools swimming membership holder. Hooray!

I’d better sign off here, gotta go for a swim. It’s already been paid for!

Or should I go for a ride…?

“Shut up, brain!



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