good bad news

[ 2′ ]

Yesterday I was told I cannot run for the next two months. Tragedy!! Or a blessing in disguise?

Some background to this occurrence: for some 7 months now I have had an intermittent niggle in my left foot second metatarsal (or thereabouts anyway).

It has not kept me from running, but it has not gone away either. Not good.

After easing off a bit on my mileage, a tad of stubbornness, tests and a long-awaited appointment with a podiatrist; the conclusion has been that the best course of action would be to stop, wait and see. Fair enough.

Not that I don’t find it irritating, I DO; but it’s also true that not running will give me the time to focus on other workouts I have been neglecting for one reason or another (mainly convenience).

The goal remains the same: to become as confident in triathlon as I am with my running.

Consequently, here I am on a—now—mandatory (and daunting too) fast track to focusing on my weaknesses. About the outcome of this setback I will write in summertime. Stay tuned!




  1. Tres cosas:
    A ti te gusta es correr.
    La bici no se te da nada mal.
    Y si aprendes a nadar como corres y pedaleas, la triathlon la tienes chupá.


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