gallery Bilbao–Bilbao

[ 2′ ]

2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 and back in 2017 for the Bilbao–Bilbao. This is a yearly International “cycling for all” event which takes you on a 115 km loop (1,200+m. approx.) in Biscay; from and to Bilbao.

On top of being held in my birthplace, what makes it truly special is that it’ll always be the first race I took part in. While it’s non-competitive, it was my debut in experiencing what it feels like to be part of a sporty event—all the way through the preparation to crossing the finish line.

But also, the Bilbao–Bilbao means good vibes, friendship and family. It gives me the opportunity to briefly reunite with some of my relatives while in the Basque Country. And only for the dedication and efforts of a good friend who’s made it feasible in terms of transport and logistics, have I been able to attend most of these years. Thanks Chris!

So as you can see, it’s more than 
just pedalling. Isn’t it always?

Mind you, we’ll have to do a fair share of that on Sunday!



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