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Winter is coming… to an end! Yes! Let me hear it! Woo-hoo! All together now!! Woo-hoo!!!

Today’s post is about adaptability. Most of us don’t live off sport, nevertheless sport has become key in our way of living, and it can be tricky to find the right life-exercise balance.

Since November last year, I have strung together a number of niggles that have threatened to knock me off my game. Well, actually they have.

First my left foot (still visiting doctors to figure out what my problem is, although it’s hardly giving me trouble now), then my shoulder after an unfortunate accident on my bicycle, and as of late my lower back is playing up. Ugh!

For someone like me who’s not used to injuries, it takes some adjusting before accepting the new reality. Had to change my habits and basically deal with it. Training can be hard enough as it is, let alone when you have to do only what you can… and not what you want.

Can I not run? Well, I’ll cycle. Is it too cold for cycling? I’ll invest some money in better winter gear. Can’t I swim now? Fine, I’ll do some core exercises at home. Can’t I do long runs? Alright, I’ll reduce my mileage and focus on shorter quality workouts. Is signing up for a race a gamble at the moment? I’ll save some money on fees and put it towards well defined goals whenever they become possible…You get the point.

And that’s been that side of my life for all these months. Not ideal, but you know what? Granted that my body still needs some bodywork, numbers say it’s been my most productive winter in training—and if luck is on my side just a tiny bit, I’m on track to some very rewarding moments this year.

So, the bottom line is that circumstances might not be what you had in mind. However, if you find a way to keep moving forward, you could be laying the groundwork for an unexpected positive outcome of your ordeal.

Or at the very least, it’s way better than staying at home feeling sorry for yourself.



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