quality vs. quantity

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It’s so easy to get lost in what we love, isn’t it?

Prime example of that: training. If only we kept in mind the benefits to be reaped from a quality approach to training more often than not!

Mind you, it’s difficult to sacrifice showing your km off. Or being in the mood for a demanding heart rate that will slap you with your limits right in the face! It is indeed…

Our struggles going up those hills, hitting that target pace, or getting that sought-after PB usually come from not doing what we’re supposed to do, but rather doing what we like.

Me? I loathe doing intervals and can’t really remember the last time I faced them. On the other hand, I don’t mind doing hill training or fartlek. They are fun! Well, that sort of fun that makes you want to puke… but you get the point.updown

And so since all this is about feeling good with what I do (and in the process garner personal results, sure) having some routines I enjoy is kind of making it easier to focus on quality a little more.

You see, I look at hill training as an accurate metaphor of training itself. Destroy and rebuild. Struggle first to come back stronger. Go up the hill and learn to suffer, then let yourself go and recover. And repeat.

There again, now that I read over the title of this post, I see it’s kind of wrong. So don’t mind me if I rephrase it to… “quality & quantity symbiosis”

Right-o, that’s better!



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