back to basics

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Beyond the obvious bruises and scratches, a most-wearing byproduct of having a fall is the loss of confidence. I am kind of talking about cycling here, but if you were to change a few words here and there, I may as well be talking about any event in life.

Since unfortunately the last ride of 2016 ended with me crashing into the ground (good ride though!) I am taking a few steps towards normality.

That is having allowed some time to heal, arranging a visit with the doctor to fix a couple of things while I’m at it, and also the following:

Going over my cornering technique again! While “s*** happens” it’s mandatory to understand what could have led to it.

So at the moment I’m going around corners like a hesitant beginner, which does not look great, but has to be done. Even so, it’s cool to be back on the road!

Back to basics, slowly but surely and… the sky’s the limit! (yup, practising my idioms too)



  1. Después de mi única caída en los últimos 20 años, pienso igual, la tranquilidad para pedalear no es la misma, necesitas varias salidas para volver a coger confianza, eso sí, ya vas con la mosca detrás de la oreja.

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