relative effort

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I was talking with some friends about everything and anything (sort of) and an interesting topic came up: what degree of effort different activities call for?

I guess it’s not just about the activity itself. I mean, when hiking and carrying your “home” with you for hours and days on end, there’s no real break from likely pain whether you go uphill, downhill or walk an easy stretch. When you run, for instance, pace can be modulated to adjust it to the beating you can—or rather think you can—endure. When cycling, there will a blend of extreme physical demand and easy-for-all kilometres. And so forth.

Which one is harder? Can we really say? Isn’t it relative?

If you ask me, it’s much about the person. Our fitness and mental capabilities (both of the mind and craziness) certainly determine how we make progress.

So—and here comes a brief rant—how can someone with not enough experience say “that’s easy for you” or “there’s no real effort in that”; or even worse! “I could do that easily”, or also! “I can’t do that”? Certainly, effective comments to rile me up, make me cringe and, even, wince.

Surely we should be more cautious about perceived effort when not in a position to benchmark against personal background. And also, bear in mind that what may come easy for some, will be an absolute feat for others.



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