2016 in (not just) figures

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And 2016 comes to an end. Already? Blimey! (that did sound British!) Anyway, done and dusted!

Although the final figures may tell a different story, it’s been a year of transition for me; in every aspect of my life really, but as far as sports go… a transition towards Triathlon, which is my main focus for 2017.

There were some well-defined goals this year, i.e. breaking running PBs in all the main distances; losing the fear—never the respect—to running marathons; breaking 1,000 miles running in a year; having a taster of a Triathlon, and making headway in its specific training—getting back on the road bike and getting started in the pool.

All of them have happened! Yay!

I also tried—not so successfully in this instance—to be more selective with the races I’ve done. Less quantity but more quality. I must admit I wasn’t too interested in racking up medals as years past, or at least not as much! (aye, it takes all sorts… and I DO like mementos!)

Funny enough have ended up with more medals than ever, although mainly thanks to the virtual challenges I’ve taken part in—another great motivational discovery of the year.

Despite having done one too many (please, allow me the white lie) I’ve only felt truly burnt-out from competing—against myself—once or twice; which I believe is a good symptom after all.

Summing up 2016 in relevant figures—activities performed purposely that is. Nothing to do with an active day-to-day and what that adds, which is a lot. And I’m rambling now… Sorry! So, the figures:

  • Races in 5 different countries
  • 3 Marathons in 3 countries. 2 of them within 6 weeks. 3 PBs
  • 6 Half Marathons in 3 countries. 2 PBs
  • 1 Triathlon Sprint+. 4th position & 10k PB
  • 11 5k. 3 PBs. Twice 3rd
  • >1,914 km running (<1,200 miles)
  • >1,666 km cycling
  • >56 km swimming
  • Not even 25 km hiking (damn!)

And one funny fact! I’ve accumulated an altitude gain equivalent to climbing Mount Everest over two-and-a-half times! (“giggle”)

However, more important than numbers, it’s all that I’ve learnt:

Firstly, consolidate the belief in the value of friendship and support from your loved ones; of sharing this lifestyle with them in any way. But also, of knowing when some “me time” is in order.

Secondly, the invaluable richness of carry on discovering the world and its people through running. Travel&Run.

Thirdly, proving to myself once again that perseverance, planning and a “pinch” of insanity render results.

And lastly, learning from some injuries and falls that the greatest effort is—quite simply—not being able to be out there doing what you love.

So it’s time to reap the benefits of a tough year, have some days to think about all that’s happened, polish (quite) a few things, heal some wounds and, most importantly, look forward to what’s about to happen in 2017.


I’ll do my best to be at the ready.


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