image 90’s vintage memories

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Looking at this post’s photo you might think I am an enthusiast, a fan, a groupie, a worshipper even! Nah, not really.

The fan phenomenon is something I’m not really good at. I mean, of course there’re a number of sportspeople I have and I do look up to, but as I got older I realised I don’t agree with the excessive idolatry so common in our society.

However, this opinion of mine is something that has built up through the years. As with many other things in life, our narrow outlook and gullibility are sharper when we’re younger.

What I do believe in though, are values, and emotional baggage, and weighty memories, and the underrated sense of belonging. And talent.

These are the reasons behind my sporty passions, and my support to whichever athlete or team with something to offer along those lines.

When I was a kid—and a teenager—one of my passions was being sickly up-to-date with my favourite sports at the time: football and cycling. I knew everything there was to be known. Fine, I’ll admit it: I was a fan. That has changed, and progressively I’ve become more “selective” if you may. 

But there is one thing I fondly remember from those days. Came summer time, and it was time to watch the cycling big races. Time to watch Miguel Indurain in action. I would seat with my parents for hours on end admiring those non-human battles on two wheels, and the strength and humility in full display of the nicknamed “Extraterrestial”. “Miguelón”.


I’m 32 now and renewing my love for cycling. Not watching it on the TV, but pedalling myself. While also revamping my gear I knew I wanted something to remember those days by. And this is it: 90’s Banesto Tour de France yellow jersey; the one Indurain won 5 consecutive times between 1991 and 1995.

A garment not as fancy as these days’, nor comfy perhaps; but indeed a treasure to be worn for what it means.



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