42.2 x 2 in 42

[ 3′ ]

It might sound as something unnecessary to do, but there’s some solid reasoning behind tackling 2 marathons in barely 6 weeks. There is!

One of the goals I set for 2016 was to work towards feeling more comfortable over the 42,195 meters of the marathon. What that means for me is dropping the fear? and effectively managing the respect for the distance.

I began toying with the idea early in the year when preparing for Düsseldorf Marathon, which I completed in late April. Unfortunately, I couldn’t arrange the dates to attempt another one shortly after and decided to hold out for a better opportunity. Also felt somewhat mentally drained. I’ve come to realise the fact one wants to complete a challenge has to match the viability—in every respect—of doing so, and not just come from an overrated sense of stubbornness (although I must admit I’ve still got work to do on that).

And so for a number of reasons everything came together to run Bucharest Marathon in October; and then attempt Valencia Marathon, to be held in late November.

From a body—and mind— recovery point of view, I am aware it makes no sense to do this. Neither does if the plan was purely running for a PB.

However, it does hold water from the perspective of getting used to long distance events, getting to further know your body, getting invaluable experience—and experiences—under your belt, practising race nutrition, and also as a training strategy to a greater end, i.e. tougher goals. So, all in all, it adds up if you think about it as continuous training in itself.

One week out from Valencia and I’m dealing with the self-inflicted pressure, and also with a niggle in my left foot, probably caused by overuse, that has meant a dry spell in my training plan. And at the end of the day, although I am concerned by the latter, this is where one can learn—because I’ve never been here before and I’ll have to pull through, right?

All of the above brings us to the foundation of my argument: the reshaping of our reality. What some time ago would have seemed impossible because the physical and mental preparation was a far cry from today’s, now becomes an option. It can be done—or at the very least attempted.

On the basis of an adjustable set of personal limits; through training and experience, standards change; so do goals, and most importantly, so do ourselves.



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